Efthalia Massou

University of Cambridge

Lina holds a PhD in Applied Statistics and Data Mining in Social Sciences from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, in Greece, as well as a Master of Science and a Diploma in Applied Mathematics from the National Technical University of Athens. She has worked as a Research Consultant in London School of Economics and Political Science Enterprise, in University College London, in the National School of Public Health and in the National Centre of Social Research in Athens, Greece. Since 2017, she is a research associate in the Primary Care Unit at the University of Cambridge, focusing on diverse healthcare issues, including multimorbidity and health services delivery. Her teaching experience lies in routinely collected electronic heath records for health research and survey design. She possesses experience in the analysis of routinely collected data across various disease areas, including cancer and cardiovascular disease, as well as in the analysis of large-scale biomedical databases. She is also skilled in the analysis of individual- and multi-level data, quantitative decision-making science (e.g., discrete choice experiments), economic evaluations and understanding patients and carers experiences.